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How to Post to Your Group

February 8, 2022

Mariana Muñoz

Post to your group

Do you need to send a message out to your whole group? There are two ways to do this– here’s how:

Method 1:

  1. Begin by pressing the purple circle with the plus sign at the bottom of your home screen.
  2. Select, “New Post.” You can add a post title, but it is optional.
  3. Type your message in the text box, and attach any pictures or videos you want people to see.
  4. Select the community or group that should see the message.
  5. Press, “Publish.”

Method 2:

  1. Begin by pressing the “Communities” tab at the bottom of your home screen
  2. Select your community, which will take you to your community’s profile
  3. Press the text box that says, “Write a message to your community.”
  4. You will be taken to a page where you can put a Post Title, which is optional, and then write your message in the space below.
  5. Press, “Publish.”

This post was written by Tabella Intern, Anthony Stackle, who is a senior at St. Anthony Catholic High School in San Antonio, Texas.

Mariana Muñoz
Mariana Muñoz
Community Lead.


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