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Sponsor your local Parish
and reach loyal Parishioners

Reach thousands of Catholic families daily while sponsoring and supporting your local parish.

"My community opens the app every day and we are now more connected. I like that all our groups and parishes are in one place"
Alexander M. - Parish Leader
"I used to advertise on weekly printed bulletins but I never saw any results. I started ads on Tabella and I get calls from parishioners every week"
Vilma L. - Flower Shop Owner in Miami, FL
"I am so happy that our sponsorship helps my Catholic church and ministries. I actually use the app everyday myself too!"
Gilberto G. - Insurance Agent in Miami, FL

Advertise to Grow
your Business

Gone are the days of exorbitant print advertising costs for only one paper publication a week. Be featured daily on the Tabella Catholic App where parishioners will see your business when:

Our faith is not a weekly occurrence, neither should your Ad be.


Sponsor communities
on the app

The only Catholic platform where your ad can sponsor individual parishes, hubs of churches in a particular location, ministry groups, and much more.

Your business ad will be seen every day by parishioners that use the app to grow in their faith and to communicate with their church.

Benefits of Being
a Local Sponsor

Surveys have shown that a vast majority of Catholics are much more inclined to choose businesses who sponsor their local Churches vs other businesses in the same industry.


Thanks to community sponsors like you..

Parishioners can listen to thousands of hours of devotional Catholic content, the Church can send out unlimited announcements, and ministry groups can grow and organize more effectively.


Commit your work to the Lord,
and your plans will be established - Proverbs 16:3

Tabella, The Free Social App for Catholic Communities