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How to Edit Your Mass Times

December 17, 2021

Mariana Muñoz

How to edit Your mass times

Have your mass times changed? Here’s how to edit them so your parishioners have the latest information.

  1. Go to your church’s profile
  2. Click on the manage button, which will take you to community info.
  3. Click on “Times”, where you’ll be taken to a screen that says “Edit times”
  4. Under “Agenda Title”, enter the name of the event you want to add times for. For example, if you’re adding mass times, enter “Mass.”

Under day, enter the day you’re adding times for. Under schedule, you’ll want to add the time. 

If you have more hours to add for that day, add an additional box by clicking “Add Schedule”. 

If you wish to add more days to your event, click on “Add time”, which will give you more boxes to enter information for a new day. 

To add another event, such as Confessions, you may do so by starting a new “Agenda Title” entry below the one you just entered. 

To save the changes, click “Save Changes”.

That’s it! If you go back to your church’s profile, you’ll see your new times reflected under “Times.”

Mariana Muñoz
Mariana Muñoz
Community Lead.


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