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The #1 Free Catholic App
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Join ministry groups, stay connected to your parish, and grow in your faith with the best Catholic content.

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“This app is exactly what the Catholic community needs!! Love the features, content, and community....”
Gabriela Cibils
“Amazing platform to connect with the Community. Now that we have mostly been virtual with each other...”
Smriti Anand
“This app was really great, too many inspirational contents that can also affect our spiritual perspectives.”​
Karl Cedric
Indeed this is the best Free Catholic App I've encountered so far.
Rhynne Tubiano
Free Social App Catholics

Posts and news from your community in one place

Forget about disorganized and annoying WhatsApp groups.
No more wondering what is going on with your Catholic events or groups.
Organize all of your faith life with Tabella and stay in touch with other members of your community.

Never miss important
ever again

Receive the updates that are important to you, changes in mass times, creation of new groups, the arrival of new members and the most important celebrations of your community!

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