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Fr. Manny Alvarez – Joy in Suffering | The Life of a Priest Podcast


José Ballón

Fr Manny Joy in Suffering

This is an excerpt from the full interview on The Life of a Priest, a podcast available in the Tabella Catholic App.

Father Manny Alvarez is the pastor of the Church of the Little Flower in Coral Gables, Florida. In this excerpt he gives us a reflection on suffering and exhorts us not to be complacent in the Faith.

There will be suffering. You know, I know it sounds, (sic) it doesn’t sound very, you know, sunshiny this message that I’m giving towards the end of this podcast. But you know what the sunshiny part is that they left with joy, that they were able to suffer for the Lord. That anything that the Lord throws at us, we accept it with joy because we know whatever comes from our Lord is something that it’s for our sanctification, that’s what it’s all about because we need to be able to proclaim the whole truth of our Lord Jesus Christ and the full truth of the Magisterium of the Church. Even the things that we may not like, we hace to proclaim that truth. If we have to suffer, let us suffer with joy; and if we don’t and God willing, maybe we don’t suffer, but let us not be complacent and say, oh, we run this big victory. Let us not be complacent, but let us work towards eradicating all assaults to human life, because that’s what, what Our Lord wants us to do.

Listen to the entire interview with Father Manny Alvarez on the Tabella Catholic App.

José Ballón
José Ballón
Media Producer


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