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Fr. Fiel’s Reflection on Change | The Life of a Priest Podcast


José Ballón

On Change

This is an excerpt from the full interview on The Life of a Priest, a podcast available in the Tabella Catholic App.

Father Fiel Pareja is a priest serving in the area of Pampanga, in the north of the Philipines. He is also known for his strong presence in social media. Below is the transcript of this segment:

If you want to be the fire that can drive society. The fuel that people need at this moment so that you can have change in your life, other lives, and the place where you are at this moment. Change is not something big. Change can be found in the mundane. Change can be found the moment you wake up, when you decide for yourself what to do. The moment you sleep, before bedtime, and you decide to thank the Lord for the many gifts that you have received, and to plan ahead for the following day. Change is small, it’s not big.  But its effects it’s big [sic]. Change begins the moment you accept where you are, with all your flaws, with all your dreams, with all your aspirations, with all the pains that you have, with all the people who love and support you or they take advantage of you. Change this small but its effect is big.

Listen to the entire interview with Father Fiel Pareja on the Tabella Catholic App.

José Ballón
José Ballón
Media Producer


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